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The Stories of Shakey P


The Stories of Shakey P' is a compilation of rap retellings of Shakespeare plays, designed to capture the essence of the stories with a contemporary linguistic slant.

Using the premise that Shakespearean verse and rap have fundamental linguistic similarities, the show aims to provide students with an insightful and accessible gateway to the language of Shakespeare, by giving the stories a riveting contemporary slant.

The show begins with a rap battle between the young Shakespeare and his playground rival, Kit Marlowe, then takes a look at Richard III's therapy sessions, Othello in the style of Eminem's 'Stan', the tale of Macbeth told from the mischievous perspective of the three weird sisters, and a psychotically rhythmic insight into Hamlet's inner turmoil.

Some clips can be heard on the Home page, and the full album can be downloaded here.

To book a performance please contact Charlie at


It is 1994. Returning from a successful parliamentary meeting, Macblair and Macbrown meet three weird hacks on a stairwell in the House of Commons. They prophesy that Macblair will become Leader of the Labour party, then Prime Minister, and eventually.. King of the World.


But how seriously will Macblair take these omens?


This is the story of Tony Blair as a Shakespearean tragicomedy. Performed by 4 actors, it uses verse, rap and comedy to examine the inner workings of one of the most detested men in modern discourse.

To book a performance please contact Charlie at

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